The Other Normandy

Discover the other part of Normandy 

There are also other areas of Normandy to visit : 

Le Havre : Maritime city and seaside strolls. Le Havre was destroyed 80% during the WWII (mostly because of the allies bombing). Visite the architecture of this city re-designed by Auguste PERRET who was inspired by the US cities like New York. 

Normandy Bridge : cable road bridge, going over the Seine and inaugurated in 1995 after 6 years of construction. 

Main span : 856 m, Total length : 2141 m, pylon height : 214.77 m

It also has a walking path. 


Etretat : Located on the coast, you can see in Etretat the beautiful natural cliffs with the famous 3 arches and the pointed “needle”. Discover this huge white chalk cliff who was a small fisher place until the beginning of the 20th centery

Retrace the trail of famous impressionists painters as Claude MONET, Eugène BOUDIN or Gustave COURBET who immortalized this pretty town of Normandy.

Will you find enough clues to trap the famous robber “Arsène Lupin” over “l’aiguille creuse” ?!

Honfleur : Sainte Catherine Church (largest wooden french church), the beautiful port with houses painted by famous partists including Claude Monet, the medieval city center, art galeries and historical buldings, museums, gardens and walking path on the jetty.

Cote de Grace : beautiful views.

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