Mont Saint Michel

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“Classified amoung the Unesco World Heritage sites, the Mont Saint Michel is surrounded by sand at low tide and becomes an island at high tide.”

The Mont Saint Michel is a must see during your trip in Normandy. A few words about this amazing place :

On the request of the Archangel Michel, the Bishop Aubert of Avranches built and blessed the first church on the 16th of October 709.
During the XIV° and XV° centuries, the Hundred Years’ War made necessary the protection of the abbey and  thanks to a collection of military  buildings, they were able to resist  to a 30-years siege.

Registered in the Unesco World Heritage in 1979, this touristical place welcomes today around 2.5 millions of visitors each year.
And to check the tides, you can also go on the following website : 

To get more information or to book your transportation to the Mont Saint Michel, you can contact us by phone +33 642 561 228 or thanks to the contact form by clicking here

Details for the transportation : 

Departure : around 8.15 am (pick-up at your Hotel in Bayeux)
Duration on site : 5 hours (1h30 drive each way). 
Return : around 5pm at your hotel in Bayeux

Prices : 69€ / person 

Free wifi available in the van. 
A maximum of 8 persons per van. 

Please contact us for any further enquiry. We will be more than happy to answer your requests.